Administration and Procedural Reforms
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November 20, 2019 School Board Participation in Personnel Issues
June 19, 2019 Commemoration of School and District Facilities
February 13, 2019 Amendment to the Board’s 2019 State Legislative Agenda
February 21, 2018 Committee Assignments
October 11, 2017 Free Legal Services for Employees
July 12, 2017 Legal Updates
February 15, 2017 Computer-Related Infractions
February 15, 2017 Enhancements to Network Security Systems
May 11, 2016 Enhancements to the Online Check Register
October 14, 2015 Availability of Supplemental Resources for Fundraising
November 19, 2014 FAQs
Water Safety
Accommodations for Nursing Mothers
Anti-litter Campaign “Waste in its Place”
Speech During School Board Meetings

Litter in Our Community and Schools

Large High Schools

Anonymous Communications
Renaming of Schools
Graduation Ceremonies
School Principals and Assistant Principals, June 2011

Support of a joint application to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development under its Sustainable Communities Initiative, by the South Florida Regional Planning Council and the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council on behalf of a seven-county area.

School Board approval of a collaboration with the South Florida Water Management District to develop a water conservation manual for the Miami-Dade County Public Schools with the ultimate goal of conserving water and achieving cost efficiencies for the district.

Public Hearing
Rotation of School Board Leadership Positions

Electronic Voting
School Board Attorney
Process for Naming and Renaming of Schools
Facebook and Other Social Networking Services
Miami Senior High School – Status Report
Board Member Proclamations
Miami Senior High School
Administrative Fee on Internal Funds
Direction of Board Attorney’s Office
Positions of School Board Chair and Vice-Chair
Robert’s Rules of Order
Parliamentarian for School Board Meetings
Advertising Revenues from School Board Meetings
Repayment of Moving Expense Allocation
Determination that the Superintendent is not Entitled to Performance Incentive Pay for the Fiscal Year 2007-2008
Positions of School Board Chair and Vice-Chair
Robert’s Rules of Order
Parliamentarian for School Board meetings
Developing procedural and substantive safeguards to strengthen contract drafting, negotiations, administration and payment processes for employment agreements and contracts with the School Board
Re-Ordering of the School Board Meeting Agenda
Salary Reductions
Salary Reductions for Managerial Exempt Personnel (MEP)
Reductions of School Board Attorney’s Office
Salary Increases and Incentive Payments
Preliminary Auditor General Report
Teacher Data
Teacher of the Year Awards
Unfunded Mandates from the State
Public Records
Accuracy of Personnel Files and Electronic Records
Notice of Compensation
Attorney’s Quarterly Report
Report on Procedures for District Personnel Investigations
Changes in Administrative personnel
Request Amendment to School Board Rule Gx13-4D-1.022, Manual of Procedures for Manegerial Exempt Personnel
Assessment and Evaluation of the School Board Attorney
Approval of a One-Year Pilot Program for Board Member Leadership Opportunities
Proposed Amendment Of School Board Rule: 6Gx13-8A-1.07, Office Of Inspector General.
Status On The Superintendent’s Performance Under The Provisions Of The Superintendent’s Employment Agreement.
Superintendent’s “EXTENSION TERM” Assessment Workshop.
School Board & Superintendent’s Office Renovation.
The Superintendent to Examine the Feasibility of a Pilot Program that Incorporates Quality Early Care Education Program for Infants and Toddlers 0-3 Years at School Sites and District Buildings for District Employees, and to Report the Results by the May 10, 2006 Board Meeting.
Direct the Superintendent to Provide a Report Detailing the Cost-Effectiveness of the 2005 Passport to Summer Explorations Program, The School Improvement Zone, and Stellar Schools
Tourism and Hotelier Task Force for Educator Discount and Incentives
Support the Research Driven Policies Set Forth by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Authorize Payment for Thirty Workdays to Assistant Board Attorneys whose Contracts were not Renewed
Direct the Superintendent to Formulate an Energy Savings Plan
Direct the Superintendent, Through the District Office of Accountability and Systemwide Performance, to Develop and Conduct a Survey to Measure the Superintendent’s “Standards Critical for Achieving Goals”
Direct the Superintendent to Conduct A Feasibility Study to Determine the Financial Impact to the District of Prohibiting the Sale of Sweetened Carbonated Beverages to Students on School Campuses During the School Day
Establishment of District Administrative Steering Committee to Coordinate Parent/Family Information and Involvement Activities
Direct the Superintendent to Explore the Feasibility and Cost-Benefit of Creating a Demographer/Planning Position Within Facilities Planning for the Purpose of Obtaining More Accurate Forecasting for Student Growth Population
Conduct a Feasibility Study and Develop a Preliminary Public Information Campaign Regarding the Issues and Impacts of New Residential and Commercial Developments on our Schools
Authorize The Superintendent of Schools to Initiate Rulemaking to Amend School Board Rule 6Gx13-1C-1.16 to Provide A Specific Mourning Period Upon The Death of A Student or Staff Member
Living Wage Policy
Proposed 2004 Legislative Program of the South Florida Consortium of School Boards
Authorization to Enter Into Negotiations with Miami-Dade County to Study the Feasibility of Developing a School Concurrency System in Miami-Dade County
Authorize the School Board Attorney to File and Amicus Brief on the Matter of Pat Tornillo vs the United States
Direct the Superintendent to Establish a Blue Ribbon Task Force to Explore Alternate Funding Sources for Teacher Salaries and Educational Enhancements
Direct the Superintendent to Submit Contract Award Recommendations to the Board by the Monday Preceding the Publishing of the Board Meeting Agenda
Direct the Superintendent to Conduct a Feasibility Study to Create a Miami-Dade County Public Schools Newspaper
Direct the Superintendent to Conduct a Feasibility Study to Create a Position for a Chess Coordinator
Direct the Superintendent to Hold a Workshop to Determine the Board’s Position on Advisory Board Recommendations
Proposed Promulgation of New School Board Rule: Initial Reading 6Gx13-8C-1.141, Meetings—Member Conferences
Direct the Superintendent to Initiate Rulemaking Procedures to Amend School Board Rule 6Gx13-7E-1.03 and Delete Section III of School Board Rule 6Gx13-7E-1.02
Proposed 2003 Legislative Program Of The South Florida Consortium Of School Boards
Conduct a Discussion on the Following: The Possibility of Having Two Days for Committee Meetings per Month; one for Educational Items and the other for Management Items and the Possibility of Holding the Public Hearing at the Beginning of the School Board Meeting
Direct the Superintendent to Repeat the Principals’ Survey to Assess the Change in Principal Opinion
Take Action on the Board Attorney’s Employment Agreement
Amend School Board Rule 6Gx13-7E-1.02, Educational Facilities – Naming
Review School Board Rules and Labor Contract Provisions
Review Board Rule 6Gx13-5D-1.08
Participation in the 2002 Fast Tract Initial Master Board Program
Amendment to School Board Rule 6Gx13-3F-1.022
Taskforce on Overcrowding
Taskforce on Overcrowding
Develop an instrument for the evaluation of the Superintendent and School Board Attorney
Using Architectural Design for Schools
Creation of Tardy Policy for Students
Live Streaming Audio Study
Recommend Language for a School Board Rule
Revise School Board Rule 6Gx13-4E-1.09
Fire Safety Violations
Charter School Legislation Update
Meeting Notices
Meeting Notices


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